Stag nights

Boys night out

With free drinks, hilarious live music and a DJ spinning top tunes until 2am, our bierkeller entry stag party is an epic way to wet the groom's head (not literally, that would be a waste of good beer) while celebrating Germany's finest export with traditional Bavarian style.

On arrival, you'll be shown to your benched seating area by your own waitress who'll be on hand throughout the evening to ensure you're all suitably fed and watered as you celebrate the brautigam's last night of single living.

After a welcome shot and a complimentary stein of beer or cider (that's 2 pints in one massive glass), it's time for the party to begin. The volume will be cranked to 11 and you'll play a few party games to get everybody on their feet and occasionally on top of the tables.

A hilarious live band will then take to the stage to play traditional Bavarian drinking songs and don't be surprised if the frontman looks to the groom's table for participation like a lederhosen-wearing Keith Richards.

But the night doesn't end there, once the band have taken their final bows (and beers) a resident DJ will start spinning the decks to keep the electric atmosphere going until 2 in the morning, guaranteeing plenty of singalongs (and even in your inevitably intoxicated state, you'll genuinely struggle to forget the stupendous amount of fun you've had).

Our bierkeller stag party entry is essentially a taste of Munich's Oktoberfest without the hassle of flying out to Deutschland yourselves, and with gorgeous waitresses, authentic German cuisine and whole steins of beer or cider, you'll be itching to don the lederhosen again for round zwei.


Let's face it, casinos are cool, which make them the perfect setting to kick start an epic stag night out. You'll stroll in looking like a modern day Rat Pack, while Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford but with more hair products and aftershave.

Casinos are still the ultimate symbol of cool, whether you're waiting for Lady Luck to give that river card a gentle nudge or sipping martinis at the bar, being a lord of the table is a great feeling. Especially if you're on a winning streak and able to pick up the next round of drinks for the lads. 

Whether you're heading to the big tables of Las Vegas or the glitzy roulettes of Blackpool you'll experience the world of luxury casino's and how much fun there is to be had with the boys and some poker chips. You don't need to head to the palaces of Sin City to get a taste of big time casino playing - plenty of our UK destinations offer first rate casino experiences. 

Big screen sports bars, live entertainment, table drinks service, private poker parties, poker tournaments, games lessons, private croupiers... we have a wide range of options and extras to add to your perfect casino experience. 

With casinos running late into the night (and in some cases 24hrs) there's no rush to get there, meaning you're all set up for great entertainment at a time that suits the group. So practise that swagger, put on your lucky pants/socks/shirt and get ready to join the high rollers... Or at least not let the groom win too much of your hard-earned. But buying the lads a drink with their own money that they lost over the table to your winning hands... Now that's a whole different card game! 

Please note; We kindly remind our stags to always bet responsibly.
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Being strangers in a strange land can sometimes impact on valuable drinking time. You head out on a night full of promise and find you've wasted too much of your evening in entirely the wrong pubs when the best of the action was elsewhere. Whether you're partying in Blackpool or Budapest you'll want to make the most of your time and that's where a guided stag party pub crawl comes into its own.

The local guide will know all the newest and hottest pubs, bars and clubs in town, he or she (in Europe we use mostly female guides) will also be able to help you with the sometimes tricky problem of getting such a large stag party pub crawl past the doormen of some venues.

The other bonus of having local knowledge is finding those local drinking traditions and gems that can make a night out really take flight. Local liquors, strange customs, bizarre pub trivia, this really isn't your average pub crawl and you won't make the classic pub crawl mistake of going into the wrong boozer and losing precious drinking time.

We'll provide the knowledge, you bring your drinking games and stag party drinks kitty and we'll make this a night to remember. call 01616378181